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re●ciation hav●e pushed up the p●rices of home ◆appliances in Ch◆ina.Ding Lan◆, Suning Electro○nics said "The ◆prices of abo◆ut 90 percen●t of

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5 p〓ercent increase me●ans customers have t◆o pay 200 y○uan more for the● same product. ●The China Hom◆e Electronics Appli◆ance Associati○on s

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    ays prices fo〓r home appl◆iances have ●increased 15 ●percent since ●the start of the ye◆ar. And prices 〓for kitchen applianc■es have seen hik○es of up to 30 perc○ent.Xu Dongshe〓ng, Deputy Chi■ef Secretary of C●HEAA said "Th■e price hi

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    kes can be● attribute■d to the higher cos○t of raw materials a〓nd logisti○cs."To attract◆ customers●, many home● appliance ●manufacturers ha○ve added more func●tions to their produ◆cts and given thei◆r appliances● new looks.One

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